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Business Incentives

Business Incentives

Allamakee County offers a variety of financial incentives to businesses:

Looking for Business Incentives to Start, Relocate or Grow your Business in Allamakee County?


Allamakee County Economic Development

Revolving Loan Fund (Gap Financing)

Val Reinke,



Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative

Revolving Loan Fund

Brenda Hackman,



Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission

Revolving Loan Fund

Diana Johnson,



City of Postville

Postville Urban Revitalization Plan/TIF

Darcy Radloff,


City of Lansing

Main Street Lansing Program 

Historic District Program

Andy Kelleher,


City of Waukon

Waukon Urban Revitalization Plan

Sara Snitker,


State of Iowa

  • Program tied to number of employees, wages and benefits.
  • Program tied to tax credits for improvements made to property.
  • Program tied to historic structure.
  • Program tied to derelict building.
  • This is not a complete listing.



  • Program tied to value-added agriculture.
  • This is not a complete listing.


Business Planning/Consulting

Allamakee County Economic Development is a non-profit organization focused on improving the business climate in Northeast Iowa. Allamakee County Economic Development offers assistance to all Allamakee County residents with business planning, exploring the feasibility of a business idea, explaining funding opportunities and is all strictly confidential. Allamakee County Economic Development also provides workshops aimed at increasing efficiencies, technical assistance and discovering new markets and customers. To set up a one-on-one confidential appointment please call 563-568-2624, or email Val Reinke at

Revolving Loan Fund

Allamakee County offers a Revolving Loan Fund for start-up and existing business. This includes a low-interest loan up to 30% of the total project for a maximum loan of $40,000.00. Funds to be utilized for the purchase of real estate, construction, machinery, building rehabilitation and working capital. For more information, please click below to view the application.

Allamakee County Revolving Loan Fund Application

Historically Underutilized Business Zone

Allamakee County is categorized as a HubZone Area. The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program helps small businesses in rural areas gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities. This provides additional opportunities for businesses located within Allamakee County,

Iowa Economic Development Authority

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) offers an array of financial assistance programs. From programs that offer direct assistance to a company such as the Grow Iowa Values Fund  and the Value-Added Agriculture Component Program. These awards are based on factors such as job creation, employee wage rates, competition with other Iowa firms, and the impact of the project on the economy. The funds may be given as a forgivable loan, low-or-no-interest loan, principal or interest rate buy-down on a loan. There are many additional programs for special needs based on minority ownership or employment,  self-employment, and other needs.

State of Iowa New Jobs and Income Program (NJIP) Assistance to increase job training for value-added production or service in Iowa through extended property tax abatement and additional state corporate income tax credits. Qualify by creation of at least 50 new production jobs with a median wage that changes quarterly plus a $3 million capital investment.

The State of Iowa also offers Job Training Program Assistance in the form of reimbursement of trainees' and trainers' wages, travel, materials. To be used as job training only. Qualifications are based on the number of jobs created and annual payroll over 3 years.

 Please contact the Allamakee County Economic Development office for a confidential business consultation on which programs would best fit your business venture.

Iowa Department of Transportation

The Iowa Department of Transportation has funding available for rail and road improvements.

State of Iowa

The State of Iowa has no Sales Tax or Use Tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment purchases. There is no Personal Property (Inventor) Tax (meaning salable goods, raw materials and goods-in-process). There is also no Property Tax on new manufacturing machinery and equipment. There is Corporate Income Tax and exemptions. Iowa's Single Factor Income Tax taxes only net income from sales to customers.

Right-to-work State

Iowa is a right-to-work state. An employee can not be required to join a union or pay dues or fees to any labor union.

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