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Point of View Bed & Breakfast
416 Luster Heights Road, Harpers Ferry, IA 52146 View Map

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Point of View Bed & Breakfast

Andrew and Dianne invite you to share their hospitality. Each was drawn to the river from opposite areas of the county, met, married and built the house in 2000. Their passion for the area is vivid in the home's decor and an ability to assist you in a personal discovery of the Upper Mississippi River Valley's natural charm and history.

The owners offer the

Point of View Bed & Breakfast which  comes with the following: 4 bedrooms, sleeps 2 each, A/C, 4 baths, Free breakfast, Handicap access, meeting room and Wireless Internet.


Sunshine Hill Farmhouse which comes with the following: 8 beds, sleeps 8, A/C, 1 bath, Cable/Satellite TV, and kitchen for cooking.

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