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Althouse Excavating
163 US Hwy 51, Postville, IA 52162 View Map

563-605-0192 Website

Clear Undesirable Weeds and Trees Without Disturbing the Soil!

We custom-built a  grinder head for our 30-ton excavator to handle a wide variety of conditions from difficult-to-chainsaw shrubs and brush, to trees both dead and alive greater than 4 feet in diameter and more than 70 feet tall.  

We specialize in tracking over challenging terrain w
here grubbing is not an option, where unsightly brush piles are unwanted, or where burning is banned. Our specially-equipped excavator can reach along hillsides and overhangs, as well as down into ditches, along streams and on other terrain that adds challenges to manual removal.  

Visit their website to see how it works.

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